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June 22, 2016 - Loree Gray - in Lean
How Lean makes a difference in service-based business
April 7, 2016 - Tom Webster - in Company
First West continued its trend of strong growth in 2015, while moving ahead with major projects
March 30, 2016 - - in People
Local business icon Shelley Besse celebrates remarkable 30-year career with the same organization
December 22, 2015 - - in Lean
Explore First West’s application of Lean principles with the following videos
November 24, 2015 - - in People
If someone asked you why your credit union matters, what would you tell them? How would you articulate it?
November 2, 2015 - Shawn Neumann - in Leadership
Shawn Neumann, First West's board chair, discusses how competitive advantage is gained or lost on a leader's ability to create meaning and trust

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How Lean makes a difference in service-based business

Time is money in any industry. The credit union system is no exception.

Some time ago at First West, we became acutely aware of the value of our time and how it’s best spent serving and creating value for our members. In an industry where member experience and satisfaction are often differentiators, organizations are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to gain a competitive edge and...


For a second consecutive year, we achieved financial results that were comparable to last year’s despite the challenging economic environment. The steadfast focus, passion and engagement of the First West team, coupled with the strong performance from our subsidiaries, impacted our overall financial performance. We also exceeded our target for membership growth—one of our most important success factors for the long-term health of our credit union, bringing our net new members...


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Making positive changes always starts with being able to identify tasks or behaviours that take time away from the effort or resources needed to satisfy our members. We refer to these valueless...