Things We Believe

It begins with "why?"

First West exists for one simple but profound reason: we call it our "why." We simplify lives, helping members and communities thrive.

6 Big Ideals

The second part of the equation is our “how”—how we live out our "why." Our "how" is rooted in six simple principles—we call them our 6 Big Ideals—that when lived out can enable us to change the way British Columbians think about banking:

1. Succeed together
We help each other to be great. We’re all interconnected, and that’s why we believe in working through change together—sharing, learning, improving. In our competitive space, relevance requires constant renewal. We’re always transforming and reinventing ourselves to provide better value to members. When our members win, we win. It’s that simple.

2. Act local
We strive to see things through the eyes of our members and communities—from the experiences our members have with us to the future plans we create. Our focus is on ensuring decisions can be made from across the desk, not from across the country. We remember it’s always our privilege to serve our members.

3. Create great things
We want to be known for how we listen, anticipate and stay on top of trends. We’re keen to do what hasn’t been done in ways that haven’t been tried. We innovate, collaborate, partner. We take risks. Every day, we strive to be better. We know we’ve created something great when it is simpler, easier and friendlier for our members. We’re quick to introduce new products, services, ways of thinking that help our members go further faster.

4. Deliver remarkable experiences
We strive to be responsive, easy to deal with, empowered to do the right thing right away with those we work alongside or those we serve. We create experiences for our members based on each one’s unique needs, expectations and relationship with the credit union. Our bottom line is this: We simplify lives—we’re friendly, fast to respond, easy to deal with.

5. Inspire exceptional results
How we achieve results is as important as the result we achieve. This includes creating environments where our teams thrive, learn and perform. We are competitive, efficient and always mindful of our bottom-line results. We achieve exceptional results, through inspirational leadership and a belief in the power of people. We do what we said we will do in a manner that is consistent with who we say we are.

6. Lead with courage
The passion of people plus a courageous vision equals infinite possibilities. When we lead with courage, we collectively find we are much more than we ever knew ourselves to be. Being relevant for our members and for Canadians means having the grit and spirit to reinvent and transform ourselves over and over again.