Work big, work local

Work big

Savings and efficiency
By working together through our partnership model, Envision Financial, Valley First and Enderby Financial save on operational costs and can work more efficiently. WIth these savings and gains, they have been able to achieve greater influence in their respective markets.

Greater stability and diversification
As a larger organization, First West is financially stronger and has more diverse revenue sources than its local brands would have on their own. Additionally, because of our size, the credit union's risk is spread out over a larger geographic area than it would be otherwise.

Shared back-office functions
First West’s distributed workforce operates out of multiple administrative offices, offering specialized services to our brands in key areas like technology, human resources, credit, and treasury.

New business expertise
In addition to being a leader in personal and retail banking, First West is also one of B.C.'s largest ICBC, property and casualty insurance providers. First West also has expertise in automobile and heavy equipment financing and leasing. Our First West Capital division offers subordinated debt and mezzanine financing to businesses across Western Canada. 


Work Local

Local identity
Credit unions keep their names when they join First West — local brands are retained.

Local leadership
Locally, First West’s regions are led by presidents who work with teams of leaders who live in and understand the communities they serve.

Local decision-making
We think the best decisions are those made right across the desk from our members so we work hard to make sure our team members can make those common sense decisions each and every day for our members. 

Local community investment
Our community investment activities are locally informed and driven.