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December 4, 2013

Credit unions now seeking regulator’s consent and member approval

Langley, B.C.— Following several months of due diligence, the boards of Island Savings and First West Credit Union have unanimously approved the business case that would see Island Savings join First West.

Through First West’s unique partnership model, Island Savings would retain its local brand, local leadership, local decision-making and Island-centred community focus.

October 14, 2013

About the Enderby Letters
Over the weeks ahead, you’ll get a glimpse of the experiences of team members who are working to bring Enderby & District Financial into the First West family. Throughout the series, you’ll hear from a number of people in different roles as they reflect on the changes, emotions, and overall experience of embarking on a new journey and starting something new.


October 15, 2013 | Hitting the...

September 17, 2013

5 reasons why fee-free banking was right for First West—and might be right for your credit union

According to a recent Maclean’s article, there’s a sleep crisis in North America and technology is partly to blame. I’m not usually tempted away from 40 winks by my smartphone or laptop. No, for me, business decisions are sometimes the culprit robbing me of slumber, like when we...

September 11, 2013

The boards of Island Savings and First West Credit Union announced today they are undertaking exploratory discussions that would see Island Savings join First West Credit Union.

Through First West Credit Union’s one of a kind partnership model, Island Savings would retain its local brand, local leadership and Island community focus.

“I’m really pleased with the decision our board made to engage in discussions with First West,” says James McKenzie, board...

July 29, 2013

3 things credit unions can learn from Netflix

In the business limelight of late is Netflix, which really seems to be shaking things up in the entertainment industry. Netflix wants to be HBO, its executives are saying1, but here’s the kicker: they want to be doing what HBO does before HBO can do what Netflix does. By reaching for that, they’re actually aiming to be more than HBO.

Netflix leaders seem to have in mind something we...

July 2, 2013

What to do when "easy" isn’t an option

We see it on commercials. We have it on our smart phones. A fix-all app. A that-was-easy button. One touch and our not-so-great pictures look amazing. Two clicks and our complicated office supply order is purchased and shipped.

So we come to expect that of life in general and in our business more specifically. But life and work are much more complicated than a jpeg or a shipment of purple hanging folders...