First West's #myCUmatters Challenge

November 24, 2015
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If someone asked you why your credit union matters, what would you tell them? How would you articulate it?

That’s the question poignantly posed on social media this fall by Credit Union Central of Canada’s National Young Leaders Committee (NYLC), a group of enthusiastic young credit union employees from across Canada that has regularly featured multiple First West employees. Together with Kevin Dorse and his team of credit union advocates at CU Nation, the NLYC invited credit union employees, members and fans Canada-wide to take to social media and participate in the #myCUmatters Challenge.

The #myCUmatters Challenge itself amounted to a simple question: “tell us or show why your credit union matters.” Inspired by the infamous ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that garnered massive social media attention in summer of 2015, the NYLC created a similar challenge aimed at spreading the word about what it means to be part of the global cooperative banking movement that’s changing lives for the better all over the world. Credit union fans were encouraged to grab their smartphone and shoot a short video of themselves answering the question about why their credit union matters, then challenging at least three other people to do the same thing and sharing their video on social media along with the #myCUmatters hashtag.

First West Credit Union’s employees were among the first to respond.

  • Brian Bevilacqua, senior manager of communications and public relations drew stark contrasts between credit unions and banks. Click here to watch his video » 
  • Ken D’Sena, assistant vice-president of commercial banking in at First West’s Envision Financial division shared a story to illustrate how credit unions help local businesses grow. Click here to watch his video »
  • Alex Hearn, community investment officer focused on First West’s involvement in the community and corporate giving initiatives. Click here to watch her video »
  • Shalane Wellard, money advisor summed it all up with First West’s “Why” statement: making a real difference in the financial lives of our members. Click here to watch her video »

The #myCUmatters Challenge is our opportunity and yours to tell the world why your credit union is important—important to you, to your community, to your country, to the world. We have a powerful story to share together, so let’s make some noise about the credit union movement and let everyone know that democratic, cooperative banking here with First West and with our credit union peers both near and far makes the world a better place.

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