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July 9, 2012
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July 9, 2012
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9 beliefs of remarkably successful people
Inc. Magazine
How entrepreneurs (and leaders) think is often the catalyst to their success. Author Jeff Haden explores the beliefs and perspectives he’s seen time and time again in successful businesspeople. Read the full post >>

Don’t trust companies who put customers first
Simon Sinek’s Re:Focus blog
The notion seems counter-intuitive—most people want to be put first. But author and researcher Simon Sinek looks at this good intention from a different angle to explain what it implies. Read the full post >>

Leadership is a conversation
Harvard Business Review network blog
Top-down, command-and-control leadership is on the wane. What will take its place remains to be seen, but this comprehensive article from HBR suggests that new approaches to leadership communication will play a key part. Read the full post >>

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