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November 23, 2017

Ilka Bene, senior HR business partner with First West, was the 2017 recipient of the prestigious HR Professional of the Year, an honour bestowed by Chartered Professionals in Human Resources, B.C. and Yukon chapter. Here she reflects on learnings from the experience.

I’ve chosen to work for an organization that understands the value...

November 17, 2017

Every October, amidst the cooling temperatures and falling leaves, employees across First West Credit Union roll up their sleeves and lend a helping hand to community organizations as part of Make a Difference Days. This annual community service program enables and encourages employees to take time out of their work day to give back and get involved with a local non-profit organization.

Since first launched at...

September 27, 2017

“If only I had access to better-quality information and in-depth analysis through which I could better understand my organization’s people-related strengths, challenges and trends.”

“If only I could pinpoint the exact source of a particular human resources problem in order to choose the right solution.”

“If only I knew which people-related questions to ask.”

Sound familiar? If you’re a human resources professional...

August 21, 2017

Here’s an astonishing fact: it took the telephone 75 years to reach the same number of users as Facebook reached in just three and a half years. Seems fast? Only a few years later the Angry Birds game app reached that same number of users in just 35 days.

Do you get excited for the future when you read things like this? Or scared? Are you awestruck or intimidated by technology? All of the above? Whatever your reaction, there’s no denying that...

April 18, 2017

Business Development Manager Dave Campbell reflects on the importance of personal relationships in banking.

Remember when your branch manager could sign for your passport application? That was a time when your banker was more than just a trusted advisor—you considered them a close family friend.

In modern day banking, it’s rare to have a personal relationship with our financial advisors—we’re much more interested in our relationship with...

March 8, 2017
Women of the First West executive team. Left to right, Loree Gray (Sr. VP, Insurance), Leslie Castellani (VP, Strategic Initiatives & Corporate Affairs), Launi Skinner (Chief Executive Officer), Liz Bailey-Connor (Sr. VP, People Services), Shelley Besse (Chief Operating Officer)

First West CEO Launi Skinner on International Women’s Day

"Today, more than ever, our world needs leaders of courage, integrity...