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February 6, 2013

Top 3 misconceptions about Lean you should know

It’s human nature to wrestle with change. The mere existence of the concept of “change management” tells you that change is not easy. A large part of that is uncertainty—we don’t know how a change will affect us. When it comes to organizational change such as introducing major philosophical and operational approaches such as Lean, that uncertainty can lead to assumption and misperception....

January 25, 2013

Launi Skinner's top three predictions for the credit union industry in 2013

When it comes to predicting the long-term future of the credit union system, there is no magic crystal ball to consult. But having travelled across the country and met with dozens of leaders of both big and small credit unions, I’ve gotten a feel for the major themes influencing the plans for these organizations in 2013.

Many will continue to focus on tried-and-true elements...

January 9, 2013

4 ways leaders can help people embrace change

So here we are—it’s 2013, the world didn’t end with the last stroke on the Mayan calendar and U.S. legislators continue to wrestle their economy off the brink of the so-called ‘fiscal cliff.’ Whether it’s preparing for the end of the world or looking ahead to what 2013 holds for the global economy, it seems that change is what’s on the menu.

For those working on personal...